Time to Detox

I never realized the amount of stress and horrible feelings I had while working in my last job. I knew I disliked the job. The dread started Sunday evening and I was miserable! I was miserable each day. There are many reasons but one week after leaving it is clear that it was just toxic!

So I’m focusing on self-care…I’m using everything I can!

Exercise – the elliptical machine and tons of outdoor work. Sweating out anything and everything I can!

Essential oils – I love essential oils. I have slathered on each oil I thought might help! I’ll keep trying!

Plexus – vitamins, nutrients, and healthy drinks. I’m doing everything I can to try to make sure I get all nutrients I need.

Prayer and meditation – time in silence. Reading my Bible and spending time in prayer. Being thankful for all my blessings and realizing how much grace I’ve been given. I have an amazing life! Meditation and just being silent and focusing on my breath has helped me to be present. I need this time and it’s something I end up giving up when I’m busy.

Epsom salt bath πŸ›€ amazing way to detox! I’ve taken an epsom salt bath each evening this week. I can tell a difference!

I still have two weeks off before I start my new job. I’m going to use that time to clear out all the negative energy. I’m going to the pool and have some fun with my son. But I’m going to focus on fun for the next two weeks! Self-care is something I ignore but I know I need. I must make it a habit to always do the things I need!

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