I resigned and have one week left with my company. One week…

I have been there 19 years! Half my life! It’s hard to believe. I am so excited to start a new journey. I can’t wait! I wish I could start the new job tomorrow.

And yet…saying goodbye to friends and employees that I really care about hurts a lot! Telling my employees was really hard! Telling friends was really hard! I’m really going to miss seeing some of those people every day. I will be thankful to never see some of them again but for the most part, I work with amazing people.

But I need a change. It’s a tough decision. Leaving an executive position and starting over with a small company, it’s a risk. I’m taking a big pay cut. I’m losing benefits. But the potential to help make a new company successful and to make a difference, the feeling is amazing! I have no concerns about the new job.

I just have to make it through the last week and help my team adjust to new leadership! They will do amazing things. And so will I!

I am thankful for mentors who have helped me be open to receive all blessings! Some blessings don’t look like blessings at first!

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