I think every manager should have to have training. I’ve had great managers and horrible managers. I’ve seen people belittled and treated horribly. I never want to be one of those managers. Even when overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, I don’t think offloading the pain is fair! This is an amazing book! I wish I could attend her leadership training. I’ve read most of her books and they are all great books. I need to finish buying the rest.

I’m a lifelong learner. I love to read and attend classes. I cannot understand the people who never pick up a book after school? How can you not want to learn? I know we’re each different. That’s what makes us unique.

The studies from this book and the concepts are real life examples that my team can apply every day. Tough conversations have to happen. The stories people make up, I would rather be honest and open than deal with false stories.

I highly recommend Brene Brown and dare to lead. You have influence and can lead without a management position so it’s a book for anyone!

Thankful, grateful, blessed

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